8″ x 10″ Black Ambrotype

Black Swan

Arold van der Aa, The Netherlands
Arold had this to say about the making of ‘Black Swan’:
After seeing the first pictures in the “The Mask Series” I was very keen to participate in this project as well.  Initially, I had two ideas, however the first fell by the wayside, as I didn’t have the right costume.  My second plan was devised with the model you see here, Marieke.  We were going to attempt to shoot somewhere outdoors but unfortunately, the weather was too cold in the Netherlands while the Mask was here.
I then got this idea because Marieke is a real fan of Victoria Frances and wanted to pose in the same kind of clothes.  As you can see, the theme of Victoria and “The Mask” can be combined perfectly well.
I even attempted to write a poem.
‘Black Swan’
At nightfall after a long spring day,
of hope and despair
and no fresh air.
I would like to fly, far away.

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