Category: The Plates

  • If Your Face Fits by Tony Richards

    If Your Face Fits by Tony Richards

    Whole plate tintype “This is a self portrait. It has a number of things going on but the main one is this… Its to do with self belief and confidence, or lack of, and how I believe we wear a multitude of masks in our life, in different environs and […]

  • Below The Mask by Frank Adami

    Below The Mask by Frank Adami

    18cm x 24cm Tintype “My intention for making this plate, was to show the emotions of a person who wears the gasmask in an adversary ambience. There can be fear, rage or maybe desperation, normally hidden by the mask. For this I made a double exposure, first one with the […]

  • The Making Of by Cliff Barnes

    The Making Of by Cliff Barnes

    13cm x 18cm Ambrotype ”  I’d changed job and town and due to that I wasn’t able to practice for a while now, but yesterday all came to play: the weather was OK enough, I had an assistant/model and time. So off we went… with the entire equipment heading to […]

  • Witness to a death by Tim Ingmire

    Witness to a death by Tim Ingmire

    Tim Ingmire 5×4 Tintypes As you may already be aware, the Mask Series stopped accepting new participants (at least temporarily) when the number of photographers taking part reached a whopping one-hundred and fifty.  In the interests of fairness, however, the man behind the Mask, Shane Balkowitsch, then opened a list […]

  • Nowhere to hide by Isabel Leeson

    Nowhere to hide by Isabel Leeson

    10″ x 12″  Ambrotype Isabel Leeson, Belgium I wasn’t interested in the mask project at first, I didn’t like the object. But ideas started invading and I ended up signing up fairly quickly. I’ve had a number of different concepts, a couple I chased a little and they fell through […]

  • ‘Dangerous Digital’ by John Coffer

    ‘Dangerous Digital’ by John Coffer

    Ferrotype 4.25 x 5.5″                       John Coffer, USA   Although it might not be immediately obvious to the casual viewer, this image is a self-portrait, which was made in natural light, under conditions of potential moral hazard and infernal temptation […]

  • Obraz M10 – Děsivá Krása by Kelly-Shane Fuller

    Obraz M10 – Děsivá Krása by Kelly-Shane Fuller

    4″ x 5″ Black Acrylic Kelly-Shane Fuller, USA With Obraz M10 - Děsivá Krása Kelly-Shane Fuller gives us a plate which cleverly, and movingly, mirrors the experience of many of those participating in the Mask Series. First a bit of explanation on the title of the piece.  The prop being universally […]

  • Party is Over by Sam Reed

    Party is Over by Sam Reed

    4.25″ x 5.25″ Ambrotype Sam Reed, USA The creator of Party is Over describes himself as having a law enforcement career out of necessity, and a wet-plater by choice.  Sam was educated as a chemist which serves him well as chemist for the The Vacant Chair Photography Studio.  He says […]

  • Symbiosis by Betsy Reed

    Symbiosis by Betsy Reed

    4.25″ x 5.25″ Tintype   Betsy Reed, United States   Betsy had the following to say about ‘Symbiosis’: “When I signed up for “the Mask Series,” I knew pretty quickly what I wanted to do. I needed a kid and a plant. Luckily plants abound around our house, and our […]

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