Thank you everyone!  I probably don’t say it enough.  In fact, I can’t actually ever remember saying it before now.  But then Shane said I’d be grounded for good unless I thanked everyone who is giving up their time and energy for the greater good of my international glory.

Obviously, all the photographers are excellent, and guys, I love you to bits.  But since you’ll all get mentioned on the pages devoted to photos of me, I just wanted to single out a few of the The Mask Series roadies as well.

Brace yourselves, People, this might get messy….

In alphabetical order they are:

ANDREAS REH - Thank you for bringing a bit of class and international glamour to the show.  Also for your invaluable input to the Steering Committee, and your patience. It’s not everyone who would bother engaging with a hobby through a translator, and we are extremely grateful for your patience, good humour and perseverance. Web Icon

GERALD FIGAL - Not only are you also a renowned expert in this field, and therefore another tremendous asset to this Series, but through your contributions on Facebook you have already shown yourself not just to be the lungs of this project, but also at its heart.  Thank you! Web Icon

ISABEL LEESON - Oh, thank you, thank you Isa-bella!  You were the one who finally convinced the world there ought to be a book about me, and how right you are!  Your contributions to the committee, and to the publishing process are more welcome than you will ever know. FacebookIcon

MARC GRYNBERG - What can I say, Buddy?  You literally really put us on the map, and showed me where not just where I’m heading, but also where I’ve been.  And in a co-ordinated colour scheme, too.  Thanks for this!  We’ve still got a long journey ahead. FacebookIcon

MAREK WARUNKIEWICZ - Thank you, Marek, for offeing to help out with the website, and more importantly for offering to host this whole thing for us.  I’ve sent everyone an email with your address and so they should all start showing up in the next day or two. FacebookIcon

MELANIE GARRETT - I’m speechless.  But maybe you can find some words to put in my mouth?  I know it is obviously a great pleasure for you, but all the same, thank you for writing about me. Web Icon Twitter Icon

QUINN JACOBSON - Quinn, what can I say?  Without you I’d be out here on the internet looking like some headless nobody.  But you’ve shown the world the real me, and for that we can all be very, very thankful indeed. Web IconFacebookIcon

SHANE BALKOWITSCH - Thank you, Shane!  Where would I be with you, Buddy?  I’ll tell you where.  Gathering dust on some shelf in Amazon’s warehouse.  But thanks to your vision I’m now seeing the world.  By the end of this journey I’ll have visited all of the top wet plate studios in the world.  It’s not every gas mask that can say that about themselves.  You’re a genius, Shane.  I couldn’t have done it without you! Web Icon

TONY RICHARDS - Tony, thank you so much!  A lot of men would have run away screaming, or pretended they were sick or some such, just to get out of this.  But you have created a showcase not just for me, but for all your fellow collaborators to sign.  You have gone above and beyond to make sure everyone’s work is seen in the best vantage point possible, and you hardly screamed and cried at all when you were kidnapped and dragged onto the committee.  Tony, I can’t wait to meet you, and finally sit in this chair. Web Icon Twitter Icon