5″ x 7″ Tintype


Bill Vaughn, United States

Here is what Bill had to say about his piece:

The premise of the shot was that there had been a chemical weapons attack and all of the remaining people in the world had to wear a protective mask. Because of this, people had taken to embellishing the masks to differentiate themselves and make them attractive to the opposite sex. This woman was preparing for an evening out on the town.

Bill Vaughn is taking a trip back in time with his photographic explorations.  As a young adult, he utilized mainly 35mm and 120 film formats; then was an early adopter of digital technology.  In 2008, he stepped back to film, shooting the 4×5, 8×10 and 11×14 formats.  In early 2012, following a long time admiration for the look of wet plate collodion images, he began mixing his own chemicals and pouring his ‘film’ making tintype and ambrotype photographs.

Bill also spent about two years as a part time freelance photographer for a wire service, photographing professional sports such as NFL, MLB, Indy Car, F1, USA Soccer and NASCAR.  His dream, and that of every part time photographer, was realized when multiple images were publishes in Sports Illustrated, SI Kids and several other magazines.

You can see more of Bill’s work by visiting his website billvaughnphotography.com/wetplate.

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