• Le Rêve Noir

    Le Rêve Noir

    Black Glass Ambrotype 8 x 10″   Indra Moonen, The Netherlands   Make no mistake You shan’t escape Tethered and tied There’s nowhere to hide Portishead – All Mine About Indra: After studying photography and graduating in 2009 I found my way into historical photographic processes. They appeal to me […]

  • Bound by Circumstances, Bound by Choice

    Bound by Circumstances, Bound by Choice

    4″ x 5″ Tintype                           Ted Mishima, United States  

  • NEWS – A Mask Series Image Shortlisted

    NEWS – A Mask Series Image Shortlisted

    We thought you might like to know that this week brought more good news for the Mask Series, which continues to go from strength to strength.   “Lungs” the wet plate image created by Gerald Figal, for the Mask Series, has been selected for The Online Gallery Annex in the “Mysterious […]

  • Inspiratio by Franklin Annink

    Inspiratio by Franklin Annink

    5″ x 7″ Ambrotype Franklin Annink, The Netherlands Franklin had this to say about Inspiratio: I fell in love with collodion after seeing the Sally Mann documentary, What Remains. After reading a lot on internet I decided to give it a try and, without attending any workshops, I managed to […]

  • Gordon Fraser on the joys of ‘The Creative Gap’

    Gordon Fraser on the joys of ‘The Creative Gap’

    It’s now been several weeks since Shane sent me my mask for the project. In fact, looked at another way, it could even be two months. Written down like this, it seems an age and yet in my mind it just seems like a week or two. So, eight weeks […]

  • Altered Childhood by Brian Culyer

    Altered Childhood by Brian Culyer

      5″ x 7″ Tintype Brian Cyler, USA Here is what Brian had to say: My original concept was to do a tortured ballerina, so a specific costume was ordered, which was promptly placed on back-order. In the meantime the mask arrived from Shane Balkowitsch. Since I was not prepared […]

  • Foreign by Alexey Savchenko

    Foreign by Alexey Savchenko

    24cm x 30cm Ambrotype Alexey Savchenko, Russia Here is what Alexey had to say about the process: Я хотел сделать что-то вроде этого в течение длительного времени. В дополнение к маске Чешская отправлены как часть проекта, я также использовали маски советского производства. Я благодарен за то, Шейн с такой хорошей […]

  • Interview with Shane Balkowitsch – Curator of ‘The Mask Series’

    Interview with Shane Balkowitsch – Curator of ‘The Mask Series’

    How long have you been into wet plate collodion photography?  What first drew you to it?  I shot my first plate on October 4th, 2012.  And, I probably should add that this was with the first camera I ever owned.  An online friend Paul d’Orleans (www.thevintagent.com) was taking pictures of […]

  • Why small is beautiful: The Tiny-Type story…

    Why small is beautiful: The Tiny-Type story…

    By ANDREAS REH Some months ago a friend asked me if it would possible to create ambrotypes on silver tin for her jewellery design.  She is a jeweller and someone who has been very enthusiastic in helping me with my wet plate work.   So I started researching this idea of […]


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