• Hailey with Gas Mask by Luke Olsen

    Hailey with Gas Mask by Luke Olsen

    4″ x 5″ Tintype

  • GAss Mask by Tim Scott

    GAss Mask by Tim Scott

    5″ x 7″ Tintype

  • Uncensored by Flora Meszaros

    Uncensored by  Flora Meszaros

    4″ x 5″ Ambrotype

  • Held by Alastair Cook

    Held by Alastair Cook

    4″ x 5″ Tintype

  • Too Long Exposure by Alex Timmermans

    Too Long Exposure by Alex Timmermans

    26cm x 26cm made on Dibond Aluminium   A while ago I contacted Shane Balkowitsch who is hosting the Mask Series. I volunteered to make a plate also. For this series about 150 wet platers from all over the world are using a gas mask in their work. It took […]

  • I Cannot Escape and I Cannot Forget by Jan Kratochvil

    I Cannot Escape and I Cannot Forget by Jan Kratochvil

    8″ x 10″ Ambrotype   Why this composition:   Originally I have been thinking about composition from the military environment, but when the mask arrived I changed my mind and refused to create a plate with a laying soldier in a still position somewhere in the field. This final plate […]

  • Gas mask M10 on collodion

    Gas mask M10 on collodion

      “Jan Kratochvíl did a quick test video for us all to enjoy, the video looks to me like it is right out of the 1922 film Nosferatu” – Shane Balkowitsch      

  • Quick by Jonathan Keys

    Quick by Jonathan Keys

    8″ x 10″ Ambrotype On receiving the mask for Shane’s project, I found myself focusing towards the glass eye pieces, staring through these, leading me to the darkness of this mask . Thinking a mask, a gas mask. To me this mask just said “cliche” Thousands of mask images ran […]

  • Cry by Kate Horsley

    Cry by Kate Horsley

    Half plate Ambrotype     I enthusiastically signed up for the mask project and looked forward to mask coming my way.  But I wasn’t prepared for what an emotive object the mask would be.  I initially thought of taking a self-portrait and strapped the mask on.  There was another mask […]


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