4.25″ x 5.25″ Ambrotype


Sam Reed, USA

The creator of Party is Over describes himself as having a law enforcement career out of necessity, and a wet-plater by choice.  Sam was educated as a chemist which serves him well as chemist for the The Vacant Chair Photography Studio.  He says that on the occasions when they let him behind the camera he is frustrated to find that he is best suited as the chemist.  Looking at the image he has produced here, it seems safe to say that Sam is the only person (it’s tempting to add, ‘dead or alive’?) who thinks this.
Space elephant 2Sam (seen here, outside on location during the shoot for Party is Over) is one of a trio of Reed family members who are taking place in the Mask Series.  The other two who make up the team are his daughter Betsy and his wife Mary Lou.  Collectively, they are known as The Vacant Chair Photography Studio.  As historic interpreters they enjoy making the rounds of Civil War 150th events, 19th Century historic homes and sites, timelines, college photography classes, as well as national and state park sites, demonstrating and first-person interpreting the lives of Civil War era field tintypists/ambrotypists. The family also has a modest studio at the family home from which they occasionally conduct wet plate workshops.
You can find out more about Sam’s work, either as an artist, or, indeed, as a chemist, by going to The Vacant Chair Studio’s website.

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