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  • Paganina by Vernon Trent

    Paganina by Vernon Trent

    8×10 cm Black Glass Ambrotype     Vernon Trent Website

  • Disappearance by Ines Opifanti

    Disappearance by Ines Opifanti

    16cm x 16cm Tintypes (series of 4)

  • Below The Mask by Frank Adami

    Below The Mask by Frank Adami

    18cm x 24cm Tintype “My intention for making this plate, was to show the emotions of a person who wears the gasmask in an adversary ambience. There can be fear, rage or maybe desperation, normally hidden by the mask. For this I made a double exposure, first one with the […]

  • The Making Of by Cliff Barnes

    The Making Of by Cliff Barnes

    13cm x 18cm Ambrotype ”  I’d changed job and town and due to that I wasn’t able to practice for a while now, but yesterday all came to play: the weather was OK enough, I had an assistant/model and time. So off we went… with the entire equipment heading to […]

  • Why small is beautiful: The Tiny-Type story…

    Why small is beautiful: The Tiny-Type story…

    By ANDREAS REH Some months ago a friend asked me if it would possible to create ambrotypes on silver tin for her jewellery design.  She is a jeweller and someone who has been very enthusiastic in helping me with my wet plate work.   So I started researching this idea of […]

  • Breathless by Andreas Reh

    Breathless by Andreas Reh

     7.25″ x 9.25″ Clear Glass Ambrotype Andreas Reh, Germany As Andreas explains: “Breathless” was made by using a double exposure.  I captured the first scene using actors, and then turned the camera around to face a second, significantly smaller, scene.  In fact the skull seen here is only four inches […]


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