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  • If Your Face Fits by Tony Richards

    If Your Face Fits by Tony Richards

    Whole plate tintype “This is a self portrait. It has a number of things going on but the main one is this… Its to do with self belief and confidence, or lack of, and how I believe we wear a multitude of masks in our life, in different environs and […]

  • Below The Mask by Frank Adami

    Below The Mask by Frank Adami

    18cm x 24cm Tintype “My intention for making this plate, was to show the emotions of a person who wears the gasmask in an adversary ambience. There can be fear, rage or maybe desperation, normally hidden by the mask. For this I made a double exposure, first one with the […]

  • Witness to a death by Tim Ingmire

    Witness to a death by Tim Ingmire

    Tim Ingmire 5×4 Tintypes As you may already be aware, the Mask Series stopped accepting new participants (at least temporarily) when the number of photographers taking part reached a whopping one-hundred and fifty.  In the interests of fairness, however, the man behind the Mask, Shane Balkowitsch, then opened a list […]

  • Symbiosis by Betsy Reed

    Symbiosis by Betsy Reed

    4.25″ x 5.25″ Tintype   Betsy Reed, United States   Betsy had the following to say about ‘Symbiosis’: “When I signed up for “the Mask Series,” I knew pretty quickly what I wanted to do. I needed a kid and a plant. Luckily plants abound around our house, and our […]

  • Growth by Clarke Galusha

    Growth by Clarke Galusha

    3.5″ x 4.5″ Tintype Clarke Galusha, USA

  • The Assimilation of Mr Thomas Parsons

    The Assimilation of Mr Thomas Parsons

    A Four 4×5 inch tintypes Robert Go, Melbourne, Australia April 16, 2013 Robert offered the following thoughts on his image: All Thomas Parsons wants to do is to relax and take it easy. He doesn’t want to make a change. Still young, there’s much he has yet to know. But […]

  • The Last Post

    The Last Post

    4 x 5 Aluminium Trophy Plate Trevor Foon, Australia Trevor explains the thinking behind the image as follows: “I have called the image “The Last Post” because this is the name of the piece of music played on ANZAC day in Australia to remember those fallen in war. It is […]

  • Bound by Circumstances, Bound by Choice

    Bound by Circumstances, Bound by Choice

    4″ x 5″ Tintype                           Ted Mishima, United States  

  • Altered Childhood by Brian Culyer

    Altered Childhood by Brian Culyer

      5″ x 7″ Tintype Brian Cyler, USA Here is what Brian had to say: My original concept was to do a tortured ballerina, so a specific costume was ordered, which was promptly placed on back-order. In the meantime the mask arrived from Shane Balkowitsch. Since I was not prepared […]


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