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  • Hannya by Dan Kennedy & Nicole Truax

    Hannya by Dan Kennedy & Nicole Truax

    2.5″ x 2.5″ Tintype Dan Kennedy & Nicole Truax, United States The model is Nicol Truax and she helped collaborate on the piece. Nicol is holding road flares. When Dan’s image was first revealed, it caused quite a stir online.  We’d like to share some of the remarks here: Camera […]

  • Free At Last by Julia Bailey

    Free At Last by Julia Bailey

    5″ x 7″ Tintype Julia had this to say about the process of making FREE AT LAST. I had two girls modeling for me. The one playing ghost walked out of the frame after 3 seconds. The exposure time was 6 seconds. I would have used two exposures on the […]

  • Life after the Bomb by Bill Vaughn

    Life after the Bomb by Bill Vaughn

    5″ x 7″ Tintype Bill Vaughn, United States Here is what Bill had to say about his piece: The premise of the shot was that there had been a chemical weapons attack and all of the remaining people in the world had to wear a protective mask. Because of this, […]

  • Mail Fail / Male Fell by Heather Oelklaus

    Mail Fail / Male Fell by Heather Oelklaus

    3.5″ x 4.5″ Tintype Heather Oelklaus, United States As Heather explains: I create art that incorporates a dark humour, describing a social landscape.  “Mail Fail / Male Fell” is a quarter plate, shot under studio lighting conditions, with a Crown Graphic camera.  The plate is enamelled trophy metal, which some […]

  • Lungs by Gerald Figal

    Lungs by Gerald Figal

    8″ x 10″ Tintype   Gerald Figal, United States Gerald said of this piece: In my case I knew what I wanted to do before the M10 Gas Mask arrived. I think my experience teaching a course on Japanese animation AND my extensive experience doing pinhole photography make me sensitive […]


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