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  • Symbiosis by Betsy Reed

    Symbiosis by Betsy Reed

    4.25″ x 5.25″ Tintype   Betsy Reed, United States   Betsy had the following to say about ‘Symbiosis’: “When I signed up for “the Mask Series,” I knew pretty quickly what I wanted to do. I needed a kid and a plant. Luckily plants abound around our house, and our […]

  • Lost World by Mary Lou Reed

    Lost World by Mary Lou Reed

    4.25″ x 5.25″ Black glass ambrotype Mary Lou Reed, United States Mary Lou Reed (aka Maire) describes herself as: “Just another mild-mannered geology and physics degreed, former park ranger, writer, middle-school teacher, with just enough knowledge, enthusiasm and luck regarding wet plate to be dangerously happy dabbling with the process.” […]

  • Altered Childhood by Brian Culyer

    Altered Childhood by Brian Culyer

      5″ x 7″ Tintype Brian Cyler, USA Here is what Brian had to say: My original concept was to do a tortured ballerina, so a specific costume was ordered, which was promptly placed on back-order. In the meantime the mask arrived from Shane Balkowitsch. Since I was not prepared […]

  • Hannya by Dan Kennedy & Nicole Truax

    Hannya by Dan Kennedy & Nicole Truax

    2.5″ x 2.5″ Tintype Dan Kennedy & Nicole Truax, United States The model is Nicol Truax and she helped collaborate on the piece. Nicol is holding road flares. When Dan’s image was first revealed, it caused quite a stir online.  We’d like to share some of the remarks here: Camera […]

  • Free At Last by Julia Bailey

    Free At Last by Julia Bailey

    5″ x 7″ Tintype Julia had this to say about the process of making FREE AT LAST. I had two girls modeling for me. The one playing ghost walked out of the frame after 3 seconds. The exposure time was 6 seconds. I would have used two exposures on the […]

  • Life after the Bomb by Bill Vaughn

    Life after the Bomb by Bill Vaughn

    5″ x 7″ Tintype Bill Vaughn, United States Here is what Bill had to say about his piece: The premise of the shot was that there had been a chemical weapons attack and all of the remaining people in the world had to wear a protective mask. Because of this, […]

  • Mail Fail / Male Fell by Heather Oelklaus

    Mail Fail / Male Fell by Heather Oelklaus

    3.5″ x 4.5″ Tintype Heather Oelklaus, United States As Heather explains: I create art that incorporates a dark humour, describing a social landscape.  “Mail Fail / Male Fell” is a quarter plate, shot under studio lighting conditions, with a Crown Graphic camera.  The plate is enamelled trophy metal, which some […]

  • Lungs by Gerald Figal

    Lungs by Gerald Figal

    8″ x 10″ Tintype   Gerald Figal, United States Gerald said of this piece: In my case I knew what I wanted to do before the M10 Gas Mask arrived. I think my experience teaching a course on Japanese animation AND my extensive experience doing pinhole photography make me sensitive […]

  • Immerse by Justin Brockey

    Immerse by Justin Brockey

    4″ x 6″  Clear Glass Ambrotype Justin Brockey, USA As Justin explains about this image: The model is my wife, Angie Brockey. After several takes of trial and errors, we finally agreed that we wanted to use vines for the final plate which we call “Immersed.” You can see more […]

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