5″ x 7″ Clear Glass Ambrotype



Shane Balkowitsch, USA

The Last Flower is image zero.  The starting point for the entire Mask Series.  It’s the image that launched a thousand shoots.

The artist, Shane Balkowitsch had never been behind a camera in any sort of serious, artistic way, until becoming captivated by the possibilities of the wet plate medium.  Since then, he has developed what some might describe as a rather serious collodion habit.  With ‘The Last Flower’ he was exploring can you get rid of herpes not just the fragility of life itself, but the poignancy of what can be lost through that which seeks to save.  If you were holding the last flower, wouldn’t you be just dying to smell it?

Shane, on the other hand, is dying to hear from you.  He would love to have you take part in The Mask Series, so is offering several ways for you to get in touch.

The HOME site of the Mask Series is http://sharoncol.balkowitsch.com/mask.htm

Or you can contact Shane through Facebook.




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