4 x 5 Aluminium Trophy Plate

LAst Post

Trevor Foon, Australia

Trevor explains the thinking behind the image as follows:

“I have called the image “The Last Post” because this is the name of the piece of music played on ANZAC day in Australia to remember those fallen in war. It is played on a single trumpet or bugle.  It is a mournful and emotional sound played slow and deliberately.  It is fitting for the thinking behind this theme.  Music being dead, or unplayable in a time a gas mask cannot be not removed.  This is a 4×5 image on aluminium trophy plate, made with old reliable collodion. An unfortunate developing stain affected the paper music book and although disappointed at first, it sort of backed up the theme of the music that was rendered redundant.”

The clip below, although not connected with the Mask Series, provides an opportunity to hear the mournful tune Trevor had in mind when composing his image.

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