13cm x 18cm Ambrotype


”  I’d changed job and town and due to that I wasn’t able to practice for a while now, but yesterday all came to play: the weather was OK enough, I had an assistant/model and time. So off we went… with the entire equipment heading to the centre of Hamburg – the 2nd biggest city in Germany – on a Saturday…. only to spot there was a flee market on at the first Photomat, packed with people. No chance to do a wet-plate there. Luckily Anne knew of another analogue Photo booth. There it was OK – only the massive presence of police made me nervous, but no issues at all. The first shot and after weeks of no wet plate pictures taken I nailed it first try.
Now to the Story: The title is: ‘The making of’
Since the mask is in Hamburg it heard about PHOTOMAT (http://www.photoautomat.de/) – a bunch of people who refurbish old analogue photo booth’s and put ‘em into business again. As a big supporter of analogue photography it was a no brainer – the mask had to go there and take such photo itself. As a lucky surprise the mask was caught in the act.’ The strip of the 4 passport pictures came actually out of the Photo booth like that. There was no Photoshop involved at all! The Wetplate picture is a clear glass ambrotype 13x18cm. THX to Ines for the fresh batch of collodion and Anne for posing and help carrying all the stuff!”



All the best

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