26cm x 26cm made on Dibond Aluminium


A while ago I contacted Shane Balkowitsch who is hosting the Mask Series.
I volunteered to make a plate also.
For this series about 150 wet platers from all over the world are using a gas mask in their work.
It took me a while planning the ideas how to make this plate.
As usual my car was fully loaded.
This time including a boxed skeleton!
After setting up all the needed equipment I realized that I forgot to take my special box holding unused clean plates……………….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.
That’s THE worst nightmare which can happen.
In one of my boxes I only had 2 dibond plates which I once received for testing.
So that was the only material available for the moment.
The protective foil was leaving some residue so I still  had to clean them with alcohol and water.
Doing this in the field is always a pain the ass as cleaning might cause flaws, which of course happened.
But with some failures we managed to make a decent plate which will be sent to the US.
“Too long exposure”
26×26 ambrotype made on dibond
7 seconds exposure time
Dallmeyer 3A at f8



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