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Tag: Slovenia

  • What else is there? by Borut Peterlin

    What else is there? by Borut Peterlin

    5″x7″ Ambrotype From Boruts excellent blog…. “Shane Balkowitsch bought dozen gas masks and shipped them to artists around the world with only one task, to make a wet plate collodion image with the mask. In a year or so the masks circled the globe and few weeks ago came knocking at my door. […]

  • Why small is beautiful: The Tiny-Type story…

    Why small is beautiful: The Tiny-Type story…

    By ANDREAS REH Some months ago a friend asked me if it would possible to create ambrotypes on silver tin for her jewellery design.  She is a jeweller and someone who has been very enthusiastic in helping me with my wet plate work.   So I started researching this idea of […]


What happened when…

November 2022
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